systems ∿ encounter

on dynamics, fragility, and intervention

Till Bovermann (2017)

A (lecture) performance on dynamics, fragility, and intervention; collected over five months at IEM Graz, incorporating otherness, live coding, and improvisation.

During his residency, Till developed and built Fielding, a platform intended for interspecies music making. Fielding invites (non-)human beings to shape and form an artificial soundscape and consists of semi-autonomous nodes that are wirelessly interconnected and share a common acoustic basis. With this system, he played at various Sonic Wilderness sites he found around Graz and in the Hague, NL (at a residency of the Instrument Inventors Initiative).

The (lecture) performance “systems ∿ encounter” forms a counterpart to these expeditions, a kind of “Cubing”. Till will interweave sounds and visuals collected during his expeditions with generative live sounds into the “Cubing” context, with the intent to share his subjective experiences on (the sounds of) open systems, livecoding, and (artificial) soundscapes with the audience.

Computer fan, Field Kit, Fielding, Make Noise 0-coast, steno, SuperCollider

Human, Pleurotus citrinopileatus

Supported by IEM.

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