control with everything

the Modality Team (2010-ongoing)

The Modality Toolkit simplifies the creation of highly personalised electronic instruments in SuperCollider. Its code interface allows for uniform and transparent access to HID, MIDI, OSC and GUI-based conrollers, as well as switching of functionality, even at runtime.

How does it work?

MKtl.find; // explore what's available

Access a nanoKONTROL2:

// give it a short name, and tell it which description file to use
k = MKtl('nk2', "korg-nanokontrol2"); 

Assign an action to the first knob:

k.elAt(\kn, 0).action = { |el| el.value.postln }; 

Why modal control?

The name Modality arose from the idea of supporting the creation of modal interfaces, i.e. to create interfaces where a physical controller can be used for different purposes in different contexts.

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