Modality meeting at STEIM, Amsterdam

19 May 2011

I had the pleasure to take part in the 2nd Modality Meeting initiated by Jeff Carey, taking place from 12.5.–20.5.2011 at STEIM, Amsterdam.

The task of this meeting was to design and implement a general purpose interface to easily hook up arbitrary sensors and controllers to SuperCollider and provide a framework of dispatching functionality to define their behavior on a higher level. The results of our efforts will be soon available as the modality quark (an extension to SuperCollider).

During the residency, several public events happend, including a presentation at the STEIM Open studio night, a concert at DNK, and a presentation including a performance at the regular STEIM Hotpot event.

On Tuesday, 10th, I also conducted a workshop on Auditory Augmentation at STEIM.


(in no particular order)


Thursday May 12

  • Opening remarks, Jeff Carey & Marije Baalman
  • Presentation, Till Bovermann
  • 19h – 22h STEIM Open studio presentation

Friday May 13

  • Presentation, Robert van Heumen
  • Presentation, Miguel Negrao
  • Presentation, SenseWorld Data Network, Marije Baalman

Saturday May 14

  • Presentation, Improvisation class, Alberto de Campo
  • Presentation, git crash course, Miguel Negrao
  • Road Map Discussion
  • Open Coding Session

Sunday May 15

  • Open Coding Session

Monday May 16

  • Open Coding Session
  • 21:30h Concert at DNK

Tuesday May 17

  • Roadmap discussion
  • Open Coding Session

Wednesday May 18

  • Open Coding session

Thursday May 19

  • Open Coding Session
  • 20h STEIM Hotpot presentation and performance

Friday May 20

  • Open Coding Session
  • Closing remarks

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