Fielding video relased

10 October 2017

From 17.7.2017 – 15.12.2017 I had the pleasure to be a resident at the Institut für Elektronische Musik und Akustik - IEM in Graz/Austria. Other posts on the IEM residency.

With the help of Mila Moisio behind the camera (who is, in her day-job, one of the people behind the amazing TAUKO label for sustainable fashion), I finally managed to shoot, edit and release a teaser video for the Fielding platform towards inter-species music making!

I took this as the opportunity to write my first newsletter. I think of it as a format in which I intent to inform you on recent events in my work-life as well as on things I think you (as a follower of my work) might be interested in. If this makes you curious, please subscribe!

Fielding workshop @ iii

You are warmly welcome to the upcoming workshop on Fielding in den Haag! More information and dates are here. Please do not forget to sign up, it’s free!