Resonance Fields

— voicing encounters

2019 — Till Bovermann, Sybille Neumeyer

A composed sound map based on recordings of sites and their inhabitants near Museum für Naturkunde Berlin. Follow the sounds on, on soundcloud, or on site within aporee’s miniatures for mobiles.

Resonance Fields is a collaboration of Till Bovermann & Sybille Neumeyer for the project “Voicing Encounters – a narrative cartography of virus” (Sybille Neumeyer).

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As far as we could remember — 52°31’55.4”N 13°22’16.0”E — Rotbuche/copper beech (Invalidenfriedhof)

Charting depth — 52°32’12.0”N 13°22’01.0”E — Nordhafen-Vorbecken

Crossing — 52°32’25.2276”N 13°22’6.7656”E — crossing Müllerstr./Chausseestr. Fennstr./Sellerstr.

Dialogue with time — 52°31’50.9”N 13°22’45.8”E — Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

Embodied echoes — 52°32’12.3”N 13°21’53.6”E — Seller Brücke

Sounding the invisible — 52°31’38.3”N 13°22’42.3”E — Institut für Virologie Charité

The end of the map — 52°31’30.8”N 13°22’09.7”E — Berlin Hauptbahnhof

Who we care for — 52°31’57.9252”N 13°22’29.4168”E — Südpanke

Voicing encounters is part of the exhibition Koexistenz, a collaboration between Museum für Naturkunde Berlin and the Wellcome Trust, in the frame of Contagious Cities. Contagious Cities is an international collaboration, developed by Wellcome Trust, that explores the surprising interactions between people and pathogens in urban settings. It is staged across four global cities – Berlin, Geneva, Hong Kong and New York.
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