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2019, 2023 — LFSaw

In September 2019, I set out for a two-week expedition to Kilpisjärvi in the three-nation border between Finland, Norway and Sweden. The aim of the residency was to observe, record and listen to microworlds, semi-isolated habitats of non-human living.

This album is a collection of resulting (field recording and derivative) pieces related to this project. Its realisation was partly funded by the ‘Pathways to Science and Research Stations’ R&D&I services project of Helsinki University, 2022/2023.

Ambience field recordings of the microworlds are offered separately in the “Microworlds (ambiences)” album (microworlds (ambiences)). They are also included as bonus items with this album.

A commission for Kilpisjärvi Science Trails, 2022/2023
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