microworlds — ambiences

— Kilpisjärvi microworlds

2019, 2023 — LFSaw

The surrounding of Kilpisjärvi is host to many microworlds — small places like rocks, small ponds, or streams that gather a relatively large variety of plants, mushrooms and animals around themselves.

As a sound artist, I am interested in the biophony and soundscape (“how does it sound?”) of such microworlds. During my Ars-Bioarctica residency at the Kilpisjärvi Biology Station in 2019, I identified microworlds, listen to them and record what they possibly hear from their surrounding.

This album is a collection of nine ambiences recorded at some of the microworlds I visited. A second album, microworlds features interpretations based on these recordings.

A commission for Kilpisjärvi Science Trails, 2022/2023
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