— A structured sound improvisation

2011 by Till Bovermann, Chi-Hsia Lai

Improvising along an augmented score, the two artists perform with their very own multi-channel setups:

  • Chi-Hsia wears a custom-made wristwatch-like device, allowing her to control live electronic parameters by directional and positional information. Her percussive sounds are picked up with microphones, and processed in real-time.
  • Till plays Rob Hordijk’s Benjolin fed through Callum Goddard’s AutoSpatialisation, a probabilistic engine that controls spatialisation at audio-rate.

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  • 2013 — wosawip was presented at CARPA 3, the third Colloquium on Artistic Research in Performing Arts, Helsinki, Finland,
  • 2012 – wosawip was performed at the opening event of the 2012 Cartes Flux festival, Espoo, Finland.