— papers and feedback

2011, 2012 by Till Bovermann, Erich Berger

In Vellum, the characteristics of paper as raw material is sonically exposed by means of both artistic and scientific approaches. The fundamental principle of audio feedback is applied, initiating a dynamic process in which the material articulates itself. In the performance, the artists bring intense spatial soundscapes into existence, consisting of a multitude of different feedbacks. They break up, fade away and abruptly change character, revealing a complex sonic vocabulary.

The central element of the Vellum setup are three vellum loops mounted on the ceiling. Each of these probes has a contact microphone attached and is closely positioned to a loudspeaker. It therefore serves as an acoustic coupler, closing the loop between microphone and speaker.

Due to its nature in feedback, the piece reacts to even tiny air movements. It is therefore highly sensible to the environment in which it is presented.

Vellum was presented as part of the 2012 Cumulus Conference held at Aalto University.

Aalto MediaLab