— seeding fields forever

2020 by Till Bovermann

A software synth for the monome norns platform.

The underlying synthesis engine has four voices, each playing in a harmonic relation to the base frequency determined by the note. Each voice has a plentytude of parameters that are controlled by the two meta-parameters. Influence of the two meta-parameters on the sound as well as the harmonic structure of the voices are chosen at random. The powerful part of the system lies in the possibility to retrigger the randomisation by providing a different random seed. This also makes it possible to save and recall the (seemingly random) state of the system. The integrated sequencer allows to step through random seeds, based either on the internal clock, or an externally provided one. By an integrated euclidean trigger-pattern distributor, a broad variety of rhythms can be created.

find it at the lissadron library on lines.

Sound engine and GUI by (my music alter-ego), awesome general help by artfwo.