— … and then we will see if we can be friends

2018, ongoing by Till Bovermann, Katharina Hauke

Friendly Organisms … and then we will see if we can be friends is an art-science project exploring ambivalent sites and their systemic interplay with their environment by sound and other means.

Invisible Worlds residency, Eden Project (2018) Link to heading

In September 2018, Katharina and myself set out for a four-week long expedition to Eden Project in Cornwall, UK. Our intention has been to invite (non-)human beings on the site to create electronic sounds as a shared artistic intervention. But we soon found that we were confronted with something much more than just a place to make music at: Eden Project presented itself as a giant, living, and pulsating organism. So complex, so lively, that most of its aspects continuously escaped our comprehension. As these impressions slowly settled in our thoughts and work, we deliberately extended our invitation to the organism called Eden Project itself.

But how to make it aware of us? How to approach an organism consisting of structures as large and complex that we could stroll inside it without even noticing, lest comprehending, that those structures are part of, that we are are part of it?

Further information:
friendly.organisms website