— instruments for people with ASD

2013 by Till Bovermann, Julian Parker, Ramyah Gowrishankar, Mila Moisio, Jussi Mikkonen, Vesa Välimäki, Pirjo Kääriäinen

This project aimed to connect people with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) with the field of contemporary electronic and digital music practice. In pursuit of this, people with ASD were invited to take part in the design process of electronic instruments. To facilitate music practice, we aimed for a holistic instrument experience with instruments that can be understood as an entity, rather than being modular.

The close integration of target group members encouraged a bilateral learning process: on the one hand, there is an intense and fruitful experience for the participants, on the other hand, it opened the opportunity for the involved researchers to identify challenges that are specific to a particular group of people yet reveal new perspectives within a broader view of instrument and performance research.