Controller Booklet

— scribblin' 'round

2011 by Till Bovermann

How to control a sound or visual performance? How to arrange parameter controls comfortably on your controller? With this booklet for conceptualising, scribbling and experimenting with music controllers!

This controller booklet evolved out of first ideas on hexagonal patterns and now related and integrated into the modality project.

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  • cover: cover pages
  • controller: specific MIDI, HID and OSC controllers.
  • pattern: geometrical patterns for scribbling conceptual ideas derived from controller pages.
  • artwork: free interpretations of visual artists. For now, there is one artwork page (by me).

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For an A5 booklet with cover and back-cover, I used

  • 2 pages of stable cardboard in A4 (e.g. 170g/m^2). I used a slightly chamoy coloured version: dorée Profi Block.
  • For every page to be printed, one page of thin, high-quality A5 paper (e.g. 80g/m^2). I used a slightly chamoy-coloured version for this.
  • 2 book screws. The smallest size is sufficient for about 30 pages.

Steps Link to heading

  1. Print cover pdf to the A4 cardboard.
  2. Print the pages you want to have from the content pdf at size 71%. Make sure that the paper direction in the printing dialogue is landscape and it is aligned to the upper left corner.
  3. Cut the (back-)cover according to the crop marks. The actual pages should be cut along the dashed line.
  4. Sort pages in your desired order and combine them with the cover pages (turn the printed page of the back-cover to the outside).
  5. Take the whole package and punch it with a standard hole puncher and fix with the book screws.

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Controller Booklet by Till Bovermann is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.*