Anemos Sonore Maaum Siilium

— an artificial plant

2016 by Till Bovermann, Katharina Hauke

An artificial plant of the wind plant variety. As an inhabitant of the boreal forest and meadows, Maaum Siilium exhibits solid conductive roots and delicate weed-like stems with swinging fruiting bodies. The plant is sensitive to both aerial flow and soil conditions which it translates into alterations of its sonic behaviour. Maaum Siilium can be found in the Gulf of Bothnia, where it grows on meadows, along the shore, and in the open forest, occasionally rooting on caps of mushrooms.

Area in which Maaum Siilium was found (fullscreen).

This sonic wilderness intervention took place at the 2016 Hai Art / SOCCOS micro-residency on SONIC WILD{ER}NESS, Hailuoto, Finland.