— four minutes on eight speakers

2011, 2012 by Till Bovermann (curation)

4for8 is a public concert format for electro-acoustic music. It features miniatures for eight loudspeakers, each with a duration of exactly four minutes. Following its premiere in 2011 where it accompanied the inauguration of TAI Studio, the event was repeated 2012.

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Find the recording of the evening at the Internet Archive.

  • fixed media
    • Toucher 4 1 by Chi-Hsia Lai (living in Helsinki, Finland)
    • safety certificate by Florian Grond (living in Bielefeld, Germany / Montreal, Canada)
    • Skrika (2011) by Helene Hedsund (living in Stockholm, Sweden)
    • Glossolalia by Joonas Siren (living in Helsinki, Finland)
    • Wild verses for flute by Magnus Johansson (living in Stockholm, Sweden)
    • SimpleLife by Roberto Pugliese (living in Helsinki, Finland)
    • windter by Till Bovermann (living in Helsinki, Finland)
  • live
    • live coding on hacked gameboy by Dave Griffiths (living in Helsinki, Finland)
    • *live coding with ixi lang *by Thor Magnusson (living in Brighton, UK)

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  • Aki Päivärinne
  • Archontis Politis
  • Callum Goddard
  • James Nesfield
  • Juan Duarte Regino
  • Julian Parker
  • Lai Chi-Hsia
  • Markus Koistinen
  • Paola Livorsi
  • Simon Lysander Overstall
  • Symeon Delikaris-Manias
  • Till Bovermann
  • Tom Hall
  • Tommi Koskinen