Based on the analysis of previous sessions, we intent to incorporate two prominent elements of electronic music into the project. We here make use of the classification by Demers [Demers, 2010]:

  • Small sounds (Demers: Minimal Objects) are common in microsound music; Miki Yui’s pieces are great examples (see below). The photo (taken in VillaKarelia) may serve as a visual inspiration for the intended lightness and openness.
  • Big sounds (Demers: Maximal Objects) as they appear in drone music are contrasting by almost physically filling up space, an element that we discovered to be highly embraced by the participants.

We introduce small sounds and Big sounds to differentiate the two kinds of sonic objects Demers describes in Part 2 of her book because talking about objects in our scenario would unintentionally blend meaning with the physical part of the project investigation.

[Demers, 2010] Demers, J. (2010). Listening through the noise: the aesthetics of experimental electronic music. Oxford University Press, USA.