On Monday, I finally managed to implement frequency modulation for BBlockerBuf and added the for now final multi out interface:

#pC ... stack = BBlockerBuf.ar(<freq>, <buffer>);

This basically took the complete day since I had to understand the inner structure of UGen writing and selecting the algorithm based on the provided inputs. It eventually turned out to be quite straight forward, however, I was somehow expecting some fancy automation for which I searched for about two hours, only to find that basically all switching between modulation rates for inputs has to be written by hand. Which is, to my understanding due to realtime constraints.

After this heavy low-level coding, Tom and I decided to give the headphone system a go. It looks and sounds really well; we also tried it with different pairs of headphones. I will elaborate on this system in another post. Maybe for tomorrow.

In the evening, we had dinner at the Free Press, a pub near the centre of Cambridge. Food was good but not as nice as in the Cambridge Blue.