On friday, I had the pleasure to visit Tim Regan at the HCI group of Microsoft Research in Cambridge. I was there with Tom Hall and Richard Hoadley. Tim showcased us recent projects of the unit he is working in, including

  • Domesticating the Web – A project they’ve done together with the Design Department of Aalto university (seemingly the embodied design group and Giulio Jacucci),
  • Sonic Interventions – A project from 2007 that is interesting in terms of its relation to Auditory Augmentation, and
  • Future Heirlooms – including a table for elderly people to visualise and communicate their memories and a projector for flickr sets.

Afterwards, we had lunch in The Punter, a pub near the MS research building. Tom and I then went to the Black Cat Cafe to talk about the day and our upcoming work. As Tom had to take care of the kids, he offered me to use his shed in the garden, a beautiful and soundproof place to work on the (upcoming) BBlockerProgram report. In the evening, after dinner, we set up Tom’s computer such that he can work with BBlocker.